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Monday, May 16, 2016

Daddy Went Wheelin

Daddy went wheelin with his girls last weekend.
I took vacation days off months ago for this trip & last week it seemed like it wasn't going to happen, but at the last minute it all lined up for us to go.
We went on a day trip 2.5 hours North to Holister Hills SVRA the event was the Molina Ghost Run. We arrived late but caught up with some work buddies mid day.
If you go to Holister Hills in an 80 series Never,  NEVER  follow a bunch of guys in full width SAS exo cage 4Runners... as @jacar has warned before not to do the Jungle trail at Holister in an 80... well it looked OK at the begining & it was not marked. I didn't know it was the Jungle Trail, but once your in the trench you can't get out. So as the trail progressed it got narrow & more rutted. My girls were scared stiff & wanted out, so was I.

Long story short the Lx made it through thanks to 4 friends standing on my sliders but not without some battle wounds due to the trench warfare it went through. The damage should of been way worse than it is , I'm very fortunate.
All together it was a great day & I was very impressed with how well my 80 wheels. The 80 series is a truly a great family haulin machine. It runs for hours smoothly down the freeway to get you there then takes a beating & gets you all the way back home with no complaints.

Here is more pics & a video.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I took out the 1.5" front bump stop pucks again after cutting front fenders

I took out the 1.5" bump stop pucks after cutting front fenders & got back 3" of uptravel. Then flexed it out on the same old stump to compair. It's definitely stuffed in there. Cutting was worth the effort. Sway bar is disco'd.
I didn't quite make it to a flat hood like the 35"s but close.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cutting the front fenders.

The latest project has been to remove the 1.5" bump stop pucks that I recently had to install after putting on the 37"s. I trimmed 2" up from the bottom & cut some relief sits on the inner fender to open up it up wider.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day Run to Pismo/Oceano dunes.

Last Sunday I just had to "Get out of Dodge" as some would say... I took my girls to Pismo/Oceano dunes it's a great place to go & drive on the sand.
My 9 year old shot a video for me, I just have to laugh from a father's heart... its definitely an narrative from her veiw point. At least it made me laugh.
Oh yeah I also got stuck... then I twisted that dial on the dash & back right out. Elockers are the best thing ever.
Here is long version.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2" Rear Bump Stops a installed.

I made some 2" rear bump stops out of some square tube. It was to big of a jump up in size. Meaning going from 1.25" bumps to 2" was to much. After getting them on & making measurements it lowered the tire by 1.5" wild Eh? Here is some pics to show. Just .75" difference did this.

Just to show how close these 37"s are to everthing. Here is more pics.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ARB Twin Air Compressor temp set up.

I've had several people connect with me about my ARB install, so I decided to put the update here.
Wellllll, it's not in the rear quarter panel just yet... for now it's in a milk crate, but it's works like a champ. I need to purchase the proper landing terminals & finish my dual battery set up.
The 1st time I used it the air coming out was so HOT that it softened the hose enough that it slipped off the clamp. Since then I put together a steel braided hose to help with heat distribution.

Monday, April 4, 2016

New 1.5" Bump Stop Pucks up front for the 37"s...

I installed the 1.5" Bump Stop Pucks up front for the 37"s... I had them on before the body lift, but took them back off.
I also did some fender bashing with a hammer to make room for these huge tires.

Above is before hammer.
Below is after.
I need to trim a bit more.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tires 35" vs. 37" on same 80 series

Hey there, just posting up some pics to compare what 37s look like compared to 35s/315s on my Cruiser. Same lift etc...

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Test Flex Fitting new 37" ST Maxx tires on 4runner wheels with the Lx450 Cruiser

I had a little bit of time to streach her legs out yesterday in the creek bed. I went to my favorite spots as usual.
All I have to say is if it doesn't rub then it's about .25" away from doing so, EVERYWHERE! These pics are with the sway bar on, it does flex much better with it off. Way better. At this point I dare not disco the sway until I cut the front fenders or better said, gut the insides of my front fenders. Yes, I will retain the front flares & clading. Only one other rig I've seen has done this.
Here are some poser shots.

Can you say one stuffed 37?
The side wall tread is completely in there.
My right rear (RR) only rubs the top of the fender.
The left rear (LR) is a different story... it rubs in three spots.
The fronts will need bump stops pucks or some inner fender gutting... I'm definitely going to eventually  cut & here is how.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Cruiser got new shoes...

The Cruiser got new shoes today.
A set of 37" Cooper ST Maxx tires. The 315s finally where sold.
Got 37s?
I just did!
Finally, three sets of tires later in 1.5 years...
I really didn't think they would fit without major modification, so I went 315s.
Since I did a lot of reading on and found that it was very possible. A shout goes out to all the people who did it before me & documented it here on IH8MUD. I went with the Arizona Boys method of fitment. Special thanks goes out to @Tools R Us & @richardlillard1 .
I choose to go with a 4.9"/125mm back space 4Runner wheel & 1" spacers. They do come very close to everything with some very slight rubbing. With some small tweaks I should be able to flex it out worry free.
I have 2.5" suspension lift with a 1" body lift.
Basically a 3.5" lift. Cooper ST MAXX tires spec out to be a tad taller than the STT Pro.
More info coming... let's go wheelin.

The lugs are more spread on the 37s compaired the the 315s.
The 3.9" back spacing worked out really well. I was shooting for a 3.75" BS...