Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Day Dreaming about the 4 Door fj40 again. Omaze Fj44 Sweepstakes Nov 3rd.

 I've been day dreaming of the Fj44 again... its the whole reason I started this blog. I've kind of put it to the back of my head with all that has been going on in the world of life. Recently there is a sweepstakes company called Omaze, some how they convinced Johnathan Ward to donate Fj44 #152 valued at $240,000.00 Here it is.

I feel like I will win it. I have spoked it out & claimed it as mine in the name of Jesus.

Yeah, I did that & even typing it out right now. 

Crazy Eh?

Well, we will see what happens in a few days from now as I type it is 10-28-2020. The drawing will be on Nov 2nd or 3rd.

My dream is to put 1 ton axles under it with big 40" tires.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Dusy Ershim 2020

I had on my bucket list one of the toughest trails California has to offer called the Dusy Ershim trail situated up high in the Sierra Nevada Forest near Courtright Reservoir. The trail is 31 miles & generally can be completed in a fast pace 3 day journey. 4 other friends with 80 series rigs like mine did it in 2 days because of the Big Creek fire started the 2nd day so we had to bug out 21 miles in one day. Crazy.

Got lazy & tried to push a few tress over. The tress won.

The undercarriage took most of the carnage.
the muffler took a big hit toward the drivelive.

The rear lower control arm hangers took a lot of big hits.

Front arm drop hangers took abuse also.

Rear sway self clearanced itself.

Tierod hit a rock & is bent very slightly.
I used every bit of uptravel shown by yellow zip tie.
Rubbed front portion of fenders.
Barley touched exhaust.

Friday, April 10, 2020

ARB Twin Air Motor Replacement Warranty & Witts End Quarter Panel Mount fzj80

37" inch tires on a 2" lifted fzj80 series with minimal lowered bump stops.

Just having fun with a game I call "HOW LOW CAN I GO" with my Lx450. It turns out the 1" suspension works well, but needs a little bit more bump stops which will limit up travel so we will end up with a 2" suspension & a 1" body lift to get the up travel I want of 4" up travel. I was running a 3" suspension and 1" body lift previously.

Monday, January 20, 2020

I lowered my Lx450 80 series

I lowered my rig. 
I don't know, just playing a game called "How Low Can I Go"
In the front is the stock coil plus 2" coil spacers. In the back are a new set of 1" lift Tough Dog dual rate 220/280 coils. 
The uptravel is only like 3" so this is only a temporary thing.
It only sits about 2" lower, but look like more than that compared to the pics below.
1st pic is 2" of lift & others are with 4" of lift.

Monday, November 18, 2019

New Cruisin Offroad Belly Skid Plate for the Lx450

I drove over a 1,000 miles to have a belly plate install by Cruisin Offroad.
Jason H. is a cool dude.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Turf-n-Surf 2019

We were only home for a few days before our next adventure South several hours to Oceano Dunes.
The annual Turf-n-Surf event was under way with a bunch of 80 series rigs running around like ants.
They have a Poker Run, Jump Contest, a Christmas Tree Light Parade & Main Camp has a big fire where people like to hang out at.
Its a great time.
Some of the people I know where there was: @ToyotaDon @TheBlueMelon @sbman @malteserunner @brosky @mazder @pismojim @surfpig @Shoppy @sethzilla @orangefj45 & many more that I don't remember there avatar.
Here is some pics & vids... enjoy!
Can every one see the Instagram vids I attach to my thread?







I didnt take that many pics of other 80s this year... i need to better next year.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Canada Family Trip 2019

I've been traveling North from Central California up Abbotsford BC.

My family & I are doing the travel trailer thing. As you might of read the last few posts making upgrades for the trek.

The 488 axle gears along with the SUMO 10% high gear set have been well worth the money spent. Greatest thing about the 10% gears is they do not effect the speedometer. Dont ask my why... ill leave that to the smart people to tell me... something to do with where the speedo picks up.

We have made stops at:
Woodland, CA

Redding, CA
Grants Pass, OR

SE Portland, OR

Gresham, OR

Then will be headed up to:
Blaine, WA
Abbotsford BC
Then make a quick dash home hitting Crescent City, CA & Redding on the way dow to make it back in time for Turf-N-Surf 2019 at Pismo Oceano the 1st weekend of Nov.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

A343F Tranny Preassure Line Washer Mod

Completed tranny line pressure washer mod.
I leaned how to do this from this thread posted by Tools R Us back in 2010.