Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

Charcoal Canister Replacement

My gas tank has been pressuring up & ignored it to the point that my fuel tank ended up acquiring a stress crack. So a fuel tank replacement is coming up soon, but for now I installed the replacement charcoal canister. Toyota no longer sells the stock one... so the AC Delco 215-153 & a AutoZone VC120 are as a direct fit one can get.
My vid.
I did some research & this is what I found...

This guy had a good write up, so I will post it here.

Here's the AC Delco setup. It comes capped from the factory, but I removed the cap from the air line and left it open to replicate the bottom hose of the original set up.
As others have said, I deleted the bottom bracket and used an extended bolt for the top. The bolt I used was an M6-1X50. It's just long enough to work. I also just left the air line open, as I don't see too much purpose in routing it down to the frame, but if someone convinces me otherwise, I'll add a hose there.
Legit canisters that fit
VC4016 smaller has swivel on bottom
ORiley's BWD CP1018

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Slinky rear intermediate coils AC7501

Last June 2017 I went ahead & purchased the Intermediate Slinky rear coils. When I originally purchased the rear slinky coils  they just had 160/320# heavy coils in stock, I didn't want to wait another 2 months for the lighter duty coils. The heavy coils were just that... I run a light rig so the normal 160/270# Intermediate coils suite my needs much better. If I had a dual swing out & spare tire out back the heavy coils would of been just fine. As far as specs... turns & free height are basically the same but the wire diameter looks to be a couple mm thinner. 

The ride is much more supple but the handling is really good. I only run approximately 250 lbs overstock in the rear so I can feel that I'm still in the 160# rate then when my family climbs in I can feel it hit the 270# rate. The on pavement ride is like a stock feel same as the heavy coils. The real difference is on the trail... they compress more & soak up some of the heavier hits. Also when I wheel solo... at the end of the day my back likes me better.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Turf n Surf 2017

Late update... time sure flies.

Back in November we made a 270 mile 17 hour day trip to the TurfnSurf 2017 event. It all went by to fast, it was an awesome time.
These 80 series rigs are the best family rigs ever, run then down the freeway for hours, wheel them all day long then go back down the freeway all the way home. Simply amazing.


Since that great day at Turf N Surf the Lx has been pulling DD duty. 
Thanksgiving happened.
Christmas happened.
Winter happened, but rain didn't happen, well very little, so no snow play days for us this year.
There has been no time for play as of late, work, family & other responsibilities etc...
Wow, time sure does fly bye.


The Cruiser has been very dependable no real mechanical issues except a drip of power steering fluid once in awhile, this is on the list.

Well I might as well write my lists:

New fuel tank, charcoal canister & while I'm in there stuff.
Power steering rebuild.
Electric fan install.
Front & rear axle rebuild.

Tubing rear quarter panel protection.
Roof rack

Bucket list:
Swamp Lake Trail
Spanish Lake Trail
Coyote Lake trail
Dusy Ershim Trail

If I even get to do two of those in 2018 it will be a good 2018.