Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Duiser 1" body lift product review.

I just recently installed a Duiser body lift kit said to be a the only complete kit on the market. I'm really happy with it. The install went very smooth & hear is how it went. My rig is very clean underneath so I didn't have any rust to deal with. It can be done in a half day easy if you stay focused. I have small curious kids that want daddy time so I did it slowly with many family breaks in about 10 hours. Here is a pic of the parts.

The first thing I noticed was the all aluminum pucks... I don't know if that was just a one off to fill the order because of resourcing the poly good or bad for corrosion, but I live in the desert, so I'll move on. The bolts are 3/8" by 5", 5.5" & 7". The 7" are for the front & 5.5" for rear. Don't get them mixed up like I did.

Here on mud there is a very detailed thread that was very informative with good pictures. 


It is said in there the rear bolts can be a bear to get in. I just made sure it was lifted high enough to get the bolt in at an angle before it went in strait.

The radiator bracket did not fit my 97 LX very good so I modified it. In the picture below is a metal strap with a wheel lug stud in it. It was hitting the support & making it go up at an angle. I installed the stock bolt in there & it fit better. I have no after picture. Sorry. Other than that it went in just fine. Here is more random pics.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rock Slider for the Silver Slug...

A good friend recently met Billy the owner of Brute Force Fab. He said he could make sliders for the 80 series. So I made a visit to his shop yesterday & this is what I saw. I ordered a set, it will be about 4 weeks out. I'm really pumped, I can't wait

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bald Mountain Family trip.

The 1st family camping trip has been a success. We made to the mountain & back down. The Cruisers performed well & did the job it was asked to do. I'm really happy with it.
I asked my girls when we got back if all those hours spent in the garage working on the LX was worth get to go camping. The answer was a definite "YES!!!"
I will post up more pics later... I'm having phone issues.