Tuesday, January 17, 2017

80 series stock 4:10 gears 37"s 60 &70 mph lx450 fj80 fzj80

Ive been want to this vid for awhile.
This vid will show how 37" tires work amazingly well with stock 4:10 gears. 35" tire will be approx 300 rpm higher.

4:10 & 37s

A friend has 37s & 4:88s, this is his numbers are:
looks like 400 rpm higher than 4:10s.

Snow Day 1-14-17

Snow Day 1-14-17

The girls told me we had to have a  snow day... so it worked out just after several storms that came through we had a clear day on a day off. We were blessed to meet up with my friend Don & his kids. It was a great time. Here is a fun video to remember the day. Enjoy!