Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Hatch Latch Hack Repair 80 series fzj80 lx450

Today I went out to the rear hatch and no worky worky. I can't say how frustrating that was or what happened next, but in the end I was able to zip tie hack it till I get the proper plastic clip on order.

I decided to grab the camera to bring you alone to share the journey together with you. Also below is the helpful resource link to a great forum called ih8mud.com

Picture of the OEM yellow clip that breaks. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Road & Dirt Tripin with my oldest 2018

My oldest & I took the long way up to our local base camp area (approx. 9 hours) where we go wheelin. This time we went directly East across the valley to Pine Flat on up to Black Rock Reservoir on up to Wishon Reservoir down through the McKinley Grove trees past Dinky Creek on up to Saver Lake to fuel up & grab some pizza before we headed up toward Huntington Lake to Bald Mountain base camp approx. 6 miles in from Tamarac Ridge Snow Park.
Here is the video footage of the fun in Lx450 wheelin wagon.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

June 2018 6 day family trip

The last week of June I took my family up the local mountains to a annual event called Moonlight Madness. The main event runs from dusk till we hours of the morning. The 6x12 box trailer just does not fit my growing family any more so we decided to splurge with a RV from Cruise America. We had a great time & the showers are even better. I'm trying to post with Instagram vids to see how it works out verses YouTube, tell me what you think.
(Click on the pictures that have a grey arrow that should take you to Instagram to watch videos).

Sunday, June 17, 2018

My future 1st build will be...

Since I currently live in Cali. I need to follow the current smog laws.
The only four door Land cruiser that is pre smog of 1976 is a Fj55.
This will be the RockDaddyCrawler.
The engine will be simple 5.3, 4.7 or even a 383 with TBI
Red Line Land Cruiser’s 1976 FJ55, code named “War Pig” won’t win any beauty contests, but it sure is one awesome, power-packed and tricked-out beast of a FJ55!As of now my 1st build will be a Fj55 as follows:
WAR PIGHigh pinion ProRock 60 Dynatrac axles

Saturday, June 16, 2018

More Day Dreaming More, Options To Choose From

In pervious post early in the blog I listed many options of how I might achieve my dream build since then a lot has happened & I have Many more option to add to the list. I am still torn to what this dream rig would end up looking like, but I have narrowed it down to 3 types of variations.

#1 Four door 40 with different tops.
#2 Stretched J40 or Bobbed Troopy look with different tops.

#3 or just going to a Fj55

My new 14" aux fan install

I finally installed the Depo 14" aux fan.
Instagram videos

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Buck Rock Trail & Lookout Tower Day Trip

My oldest daughter & I made a run for the fire tower at Buck Rock in the Sequoia National Forest. We met up with several wheelers from the Central Valley Crawlers Club that was doing trail work for the Forest Service, one of them is a good friend named @ToyotaDon. It was a fast paced 14 hour 270 mile day that blurred right past us. We had so much fun I all most forgot to get pics, but we did get a few & would like to share them with you. Enjoy!

Short vid
Longer vid

Friday, April 13, 2018

My Power Steering refresh & upgrade

My power steering pump started whining when I engaged the lockers last summer, now it started to leak from the back side of the pump. It's time... also install the cooler while I'm in there.


 44320-60182 New Pump
44327-30030 Gasket
44411-60430 High Pressure Hose
I did some research & this is what I found educational for my replacement...


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Fuel Tank Replacement for the Lx450

The fuel tank in the Lx acquired a small crack on top of fuel tank. I don't know exactly, maybe this new fuel we have messed up my charcoal canister then over pressurized the tank??? It has been a common problem for the 80 series Land Cruiser. I did some research & this is what I find...

These are the parts I purchased for the job.
Plus this Cut-off Vale #77380-26010

I pick this NICE used tank up local from @megolfer on ih8mud forum.

Monday, April 9, 2018

80 series on 38 inch or 38.5" tires

some of my collection

 38/ 13 on 16 Wheel Swamper

38" Military 
38 inch Bogger 
38" SSR 
385 BFG K02 
38" x 11.5 Bogger 
 38.5 Swapers

 Maxxis 38.5" 
Toyo 385 x16 
Toyo 385 x16

 38.5x14.5 on 17 TrXus