Saturday, June 25, 2022

Difference in OBD1 & OBD2 throttle bodies 1fz-fe 80 series

Toyota 22210-66030 is OBD1 (93 thru 12/94)

Toyota 22210-66031 is OBD2 (1/95 thru 97)

The (TPS #89452-22090) & the (IAC #22270-6601) are good 93 thru 97 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

(5 minute) 7 pin mod also OD in low mod in 5 minutes. 80 series fzj80 Lx450


Hello all... @shoredreamer showed me this mod back in 2018 & now I wanted to share it with you.

I haven't seen this in any other threads so I thought put it here.

The black wire with a blue stripe is the famous 7 pin mod wire. It is normally moded on the left driver side floorboard panel, but the way I did it was by removing a connecter from the top of the transfer case. The yellow wire removed allows the transmission to go into OD overdrive while in Low. Yes 4 gear in Low...

The connecter to remove is the #1 circled connecter.

This diagram is for the smart folks to read.

(My rig is a 1997 Lx450) = 95-97

93-94 might be a little different.

If you have not done a CDL switch mod you have to do this 1st before the 7 pin mod otherwise you wont be able to lock your center diff.
I did this vid back in 2015


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Paint sceme

 Been debating for years what to do with the paint sceam.

Do I keep the UCA46 cladding color or go with a white bottom & silver top?

I have debated to put on black kut snake black fenders.
I can unscrew them for serious wheelin.
Or go monster crazy.
Or some how put my broken stock fenders back on.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Back on Slinky's

The Slinky's are back on, I wanted to get another inch of up travel so I could do faster bombing runs in the desert environment where I live.
The Dobinson 146VT coils are softer & flex better for rock crawling but the Skinky's have a firmer sporty feel to them.
The Delta "3L" arms with stock frame mount bushing flex much better then the blue poly bushing I have been using.
I also installed a HD tie-rod from Slee.
Did some PMs & took a few glamor pics & even a video just for fun.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Install of DeltaVS "3L" front control arms

Since I'm here I'll post a few pics of the new 3L Delta arms.
They come packaged very well for long journey's.
They did give more caster, approx just over 3.5" of correction, meaning good for a 3.5" of lift.
They are 1" forward from stock arms to clear 37s from the firewall.

I hitch pined them to show the difference were the rear frame mount ends up. Roughly 35/8" of correction.
I cant remember how many degrees of correction they at this very moment.... ill find it & post here when I can.

You can see they are longer.

They give same tie rod clearance as my ground down stock arms.


I'm very happy with my purchase from @Delta VS

Yep, I need to cut off the emikieth drop brackets next.


Thursday, July 15, 2021

Back to the Battle born beadlocks with orange rings

 Well way back I posted & I made mention of my love for the orange bead lock rings... 

Well, I finally made the time to make it happen during this last tire swap.

Each pic gives a different color, so here is a better show of color.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Back on 37s

 Back on 37 MudHogs cuz it was just to much pulling hills with the 38s with the trailer in tow.



Wednesday, May 26, 2021

New Group 27 battery, oil change & tire rotation...

 New Group 27 battery, oil change & tire rotation... yeah, I know, boring but necessary.

A few years back @malteaserunner posted up his new group 27 battery & I thought it was a good one to get next time a battery was due. So we are at that point after the frig would not go through the night without shutting off & slow starts on cold mornings which is like 40* degrees in Cali... it was time.

OReiley's is my local auto store so it's just easier to go that route, their AGMs have served me well since the last set went 5 years with one warrantied after 2 years in 2018. If money was no option I would do the group 31 Optima blue tops at $360 per but got these Super Starts for $199 per.

The cool thing about this battery was the separated bolts for extra cables.

Part # 27MAGM
As you can see it's a Marine grade 900MCA with 175 min reserve.
61.5 lbs
The start battery is a 24RPLT
710CCA  875CA 110 min reserve.
44 lbs.

Just to note I have a Blue Sea #7611 to keep them separated incase the frig drains below 12v.

Just for log entry the oil change was at 210,022 miles. Last change was a year & 4 months ago at 205,054. I daily drive about 15 miles per day so that is a lot of cold starts. After looking at the oil it was time... it was very dark & had a burnt smell to it.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Install of the Delta VS Icon 2.0 Icon air bump & Delta brackets

 I havent posted in awhile, well cuz absolutely nothing has happened since the Dusy Ershim trip last year.

With 4" of uptravel I hit the front bumps more often, to remedy this issue I made a impulse purchase... I got the Icon air bumps & brackets from @Delta VS .
They add a .25" of lift by the way.

I added a .5" shim to bump them down to match the 1" bump stops that I had.
Since I have moved the axle forward 1" via the eimkieth weld on drop brackets I've been fighting right side coil to frame rub.
Moving the axle forward made the coil banana a little bit. The Dobinsons banana more than the TourFlex coils.
To fix this I need to get an adjustable front panhard bar to re-center the axle, but untill then I removed some of the conflicting metal from the frame..
More caster will give less banana also.
This rubbing can be mitigated rather easily, I will show with pictures.

Can you say :banana: ?

Below is a before pic of the rub area on the frame.
See the paint marks?

After grinding...

Here is the TourFlex coil, these sit better.
I still need to get a front panhard bar.
Im looking for a good used one.
As for a new one, does anyone sell them with rubber bushing rather then poly?

Thursday, December 24, 2020

If I won the LOTTO

Every one has dreamt at one time or another about winning the Lottery, haven't you? 

I have lost many hours of sleep dreaming of striking it rich & thinking "If money was no option I would..." Well I would of course do what most would by paying off the mortgage or buying a newer home that's a no brainer right? Well after most needs have been met & all my teeth repaired what is next? For me, this is where it gets fun. Fun, yes fun, this is were the begins.

My dream has been to get in a RV & travel to all the places I learned about growing up in the USA. Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty etc... & of course hit the Land Cruiser Museum in Utah along with the bigger Land Cruiser shops across America. Intersecting with Ih8mud members & larger 4x events. I would also have a few dream rig projects built. At this time I have to many thoughts on what to build 1st. but some dream builds on the list is a Fj55 crawler, Fj45 extracab Overlander & finish my Lx450.

It might look something like this:


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Dusy Ershim 2020

I had on my bucket list one of the toughest trails California has to offer called the Dusy Ershim trail situated up high in the Sierra Nevada Forest near Courtright Reservoir. The trail is 31 miles & generally can be completed in a fast pace 3 day journey. 4 other friends with 80 series rigs like mine did it in 2 days because of the Big Creek fire started the 2nd day so we had to bug out 21 miles in one day. Crazy.

Got lazy & tried to push a few tress over. The tress won.

The undercarriage took most of the carnage.
the muffler took a big hit toward the drivelive.

The rear lower control arm hangers took a lot of big hits.

Front arm drop hangers took abuse also.

Rear sway self clearanced itself.

Tierod hit a rock & is bent very slightly.
I used every bit of uptravel shown by yellow zip tie.
Rubbed front portion of fenders.
Barley touched exhaust.