Sunday, August 25, 2019

200K Club

Well, it happened...
Its official...
Lexy has made it to the 200K club.



Monday, August 19, 2019

San Simion Family Trip

We did a family trailer type camp at San Simion State Park & did a scenic coastal highway 1 run up to Big Sur. My family has never been up that way, it was a beautiful drive. We did evening walks, campfires & smores all that great family stuff...



All that stuff is family fun, but i rather be on the trail.

Im glad my girls still think its fun to camp.

On the 80 tech side...
The Lx450 sits about 1" taller with the cut Slinky heavy coils over the Intermediate coils with same load.
The pic below has the whole family fully loaded without the load levelers pulled up.
With whole family & load levelers pulled up 2 links, which is hardly tight at all.

It sits good empty also...



Saturday, August 10, 2019

Lowering rear cone bumps & cutting down coils.

While I was swapping out rear coils I did a quick & dirty vid.
It is what it is...
2.5" frame bumps & @Hitit66 1.5" puck bumps for the cone bumps in the rear.
Since the vid I reduced it to 2.25" rear bumps.


Monday, August 5, 2019

Spanish Lake Trail father daughter trip

I was finally able to get out & do some wheelin tent camping this last weekend with my oldest daughter.
It's kind of our annual hang out together thing.
We spent some time hanging with the Christian Wheeler group at there Rock Hopper Roundup weekend.
We went Rouge from their selection of trails to get the Spanish Lake Trail off my Bucket list.
It was a Fast & Furious 9 hour round trip back to Bald Mountain Base Camp.
I want to go back & hike up to Rodgers Ridge to see the Kings Canyon Nation Forest from the North side down into the Kings River Canyon next time we have a chance to go back.
Fun Fact: from the trail head of 6,500' up to campground 8,900' elevation that's a 2,700 foot climb.