Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hardcore wheelin 80 series fj80 fzj80 Lx450

Not to often do you see hardcore vids like these in a 80 series.
As I come across worthy videos to post, they will go here.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

More front flex for the Lexi450

Need help, I can't help it, It's really bad, I'm completely submerged in this... I'm loosing sleep & constantly carry my phone around reading 80 series subjects & build threads on the mud forum. Is this what they call "The Addiction"?

Thanks to @baldilocks I have aquired a set of the MAF drop brackets that I have been writing talking about. They where very simple to put on with a we bit of filing they slid right in. The 1st thing I noticed is they measured out to a 2.5" drop rather than the assumed 2" by the name of them. Once on the road I noticed a big difference in road manners. It's a more relaxing feel & Lexi turns much better. The rear seems to follow the turn rather than want to lift up & come overy the top. A stiffer sway bar in the rear I think would help this also.
That was the bonus. Now for the main reason I got these was to hopefully increase down travel, well it did by two more inches. The shocks were only ext. to 26.5" now they are going 28.5"
They definitely don't hang down as bad as the 3" MAF brackets. I'm still using my yellow caster bushings.
Now I need some of those 50mm Slinky coils. They have a free height of 24" that's 4" tallerthan what I have. 851s are 19" with the 1" spacer, that's 20" of free height.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Value of Balanced Flex

I'm beginning to understand the value of balanced flex. I put longer shocks on the back thinking this would make things better but it didn't it actually increased more body lean or roll. It was said maybe here, I've read so many threads... that limiting the back will force the front to flex or work sooner. Here is a pic showing more body roll after increasing more rear flex than front. Since 1st pic I removed my front bump pucks after the 1" body lift. End results was 3" more up travel & less body lean or roll. I am now a big believer in a body lift for the 80 series & not bump stopping front travel.
My next move to increase front down travel is to lower the aft rear of the control arm via MAF drop brackets. Think about it... it's just basic geometry. Look @Apounder... he is a perfect example of a bunch of flex by lowering the rear aft of the control arm.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

8 day Sierra National Forest family adventure

8 day Sierra National Forest family adventure

We just got back from an 8 day Sierra National Forest family adventure. Lexi didn’t miss a beat pulling a loaded 6 X12 box trailer & family up the 6% to 8% at times grade on Hwy 168 to Shaver Lake. We went on to Huntington Lake & camped 3 days there. From there we visited Mono Hot Springs, Edison Lake, that's as far East as you can go up unless you walk. On the way back we found the North end of the Dusy Ershim Trail.
We also hiked up to Rancheria Falls. The falls where barely running due to the drought. It's sad. Here is a pic of Huntington Lake & how bad the drought is here in Cali. The smoke is from the Rough Fire South of us at Hume Lake area.
No really, we had a great time. The plan was to attend the High Sierra Poker Run that was canceled due to smoke etc. A bunch of friends did the Swamp Lake trail anyways on Saturday. On Sunday we did the Bald Mtn trails. I didn't get many pics of Lexi wheelin, but I'll share what I have, most of my pics are kids ruining around having fun being kids... That's the important stuff, the kids.
The 315 Cooper ST Maxx tires really gripped good. They guys made a lot of commets about them doing so well. Wish Lexi had a set of 37s though. Lots of deep holes out there compared to 18 years ago. These trails are getting tore up from bigger rigs.