Friday, January 23, 2015

Black rims for the LX450 or not...

I blacked out my wheels...
Well I did it in photoshop...


  1. Hello,

    Came across your page via google.

    1st, what lift do you have? Stock?

    second, what is your wheel and tire set up?

    Third, what is your bumper set up? Thanks!

    1. Hey there... that was a long time ago... here is my build thread on ih8mud.
      My build thread K294 Daily Driver 97 Lx450, 3" Slinky & 1"BodyLift, BumpStops: 1" front 2"rear, 37s, 2"cut front fenders & gutted flares, MC 3:1 Tgears, (4:88 gears as of 6-11-19)