Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hollister Hills, CA family day trip...

The family made the 2 hour jurney to the Hollister Hills SVRA here in California. It was our first family road trip adventure besides the many trips to the local sandy creek bottom just 2 minutes from the house.
I have done a lot of wheelin back in my younger days & know if the rig you're in is not set up it can be a very misrable trip. Of course I have been doing my best to get the LX all dialed in & comfy.
Well, I can humbly say it was a successful day trip & the family had a blast. They are asking when the next trip will be.
We didn't take many pics, but I did a video walk through of the McCrayZ man made course, it was absolutely insane, you just have to see it.
I'm working on the vid.

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