Monday, November 7, 2016

November Update

Wow, what an awesome couple of months. I have been fortunately bless enough to get in two family trips & a couple of mods done.
Here are the highlights:
7 day Yosemite area family trip.
Dual battery & fridge
Rebuilt my starter, again & finally replaced two  exhaust mounts.
Upgraded to a Fj60 hood support . 
I also added a 6 curcit fuse panel under the passenger seat. For the dual batteries I decided on the Blue Sea 7611 to seperate the batteries. 
I was able to raise the bunk beds up to slide some storage bins under them & cut in some new 12x18 slider windows.
We just came back from a wonderful time at Turf N Surf 2016 I will post up pics in next post.

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