Friday, February 23, 2018

Charcoal Canister Replacement

My gas tank has been pressuring up & ignored it to the point that my fuel tank ended up acquiring a stress crack. So a fuel tank replacement is coming up soon, but for now I installed the replacement charcoal canister. Toyota no longer sells the stock one... so the AC Delco 215-153 & a AutoZone VC120 are as a direct fit one can get.
My vid.
I did some research & this is what I found...

This guy had a good write up, so I will post it here.

Here's the AC Delco setup. It comes capped from the factory, but I removed the cap from the air line and left it open to replicate the bottom hose of the original set up.
As others have said, I deleted the bottom bracket and used an extended bolt for the top. The bolt I used was an M6-1X50. It's just long enough to work. I also just left the air line open, as I don't see too much purpose in routing it down to the frame, but if someone convinces me otherwise, I'll add a hose there.
Legit canisters that fit
VC4016 smaller has swivel on bottom
ORiley's BWD CP1018

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