Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Update, 10% Tcase gear set, light bar...

My original guess on RPM for the 488 gears 37s was approx 100 rpm high. Thought 60 mph was 2950 but reality is 2850. Plus the Lx likes to tow at 58 mph which cruises at 2700 which is fine on flat ground.

So, I picked up a set of 10% High gear set for the Tcase. This should get me back to wear I wanted originally around 2970 doing the math. If in axles would be like 5:36 gears.

I trimed my front bumper to allow my winch cover to fit & added a cheap LED light. It works for now I've never been happy with how it looks. It's only held on by 2 bolts & it's bent. I've cut on it so many times. I'm eventually gonna get a welder & fix it or built a complete new one... same for rear.


Next weekend I will be actually doing some tent camping & wheelin with my oldest daughter... 1st time this year geez time flies... its almost Augaust.
Spanish Lake Trail if its open.
Its been on my bucket list for at least 5 years.
It will be a great time.

Had to trim rear fender flares a bit more... since the new rear control arms... then snapped a poser shot.
The morning sun hit the side & made it look gold in color.

Later all...
Happy trails to you...

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