Thursday, November 4, 2021

Install of DeltaVS "3L" front control arms

Since I'm here I'll post a few pics of the new 3L Delta arms.
They come packaged very well for long journey's.
They did give more caster, approx just over 3.5" of correction, meaning good for a 3.5" of lift.
They are 1" forward from stock arms to clear 37s from the firewall.

I hitch pined them to show the difference were the rear frame mount ends up. Roughly 35/8" of correction.
I cant remember how many degrees of correction they at this very moment.... ill find it & post here when I can.

You can see they are longer.

They give same tie rod clearance as my ground down stock arms.


I'm very happy with my purchase from @Delta VS

Yep, I need to cut off the emikieth drop brackets next.


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