Saturday, September 24, 2022

AOR Timbren Active Off Road Bump Springs for my 80 series Lx450

 Hello all, as you know I have been on a Low Lift/Big Tire phase with my 80 series Lx450.
To run a low lift with big tires I realized the sacrifice is up travel. The Lx450 has been running with approx. 3 to 4" of up travel which leads to hitting the bump stops on a normal basis. After a while it gets annoying though, the remedy is a bump stop upgrade. I decided to go with the Timbren AOR bump spring. I found a front set for $225 from Just Differentials, it took 8 weeks to get here, then found out they sent the "SES" version which are stiffer. I did try them out & they are a bit firmer than I wanted (SES is for constant load bearing). This sent me into a research frenzy. After few days research I learned what I needed to make a better choice on the next purchase. The current retail price for the Timbren AOR spring with brackets are $297...yeah, UGG.
 Through my online forum I learned about how much they compress etc... I decided I could DIY the rear brackets myself with 2" square tube & purchase the AEON spring separately for $99 per pair. The front bracket are offset, but still can be done DIY with 1.5"x3" square tube. 
Now you know the story here are a few of the specs with pictures.
The normal AOR spring from Timbren for the 80 series comes is an A515-55 which in a nut shell is 3.75" tall & compresses down to 1.5" tall. It has a total load capacity of 2,400#
The SES AEON spring that came to me has an A515-65 with same height & compression specs but with a firmer 4,000# capacity. 
After doing the research I decided to go with 2 sets of the A530-55 AEON springs that are taller with more travel. They are 4.75" tall with .5" more travel at 2.75" & compress down to 2" the load cap. is 2.800# (taller & more travel means MoBetter)
Here are some pictures.
The bump needs to go forward a bit more.
We as in me, myself & I need to do a we bit of grinding.

The A530-55s bolted on the 2" square tube.

I was going to mount them like this, but was able to get them further forward with the other brackets.

My axle is 1" further forward than stock, so I drilled a hole 1/2" forward & it landed dead center on the axle. I did grind on the passenger bracket to prevent coil rub, no coil rub so far.

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