Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Marlin Crawler Transfer Case Gears.

Hey all, my Lexi just got a bit more creepy.
Well, I mean slower.
Yeah, it got a new set of Marlin Crawler T gears... The actual numbers are from a 2.3:1 to a 3.1:1 That is a 25% reduction.
With those numbers it puts it back to lower than stock.
With my A343F tranny 1st gear of a 2.8:1 & the Marlin T gears of 3:1 & stock 4:10 it has a final of 35.5:1 from the stock. 26.4:1 is stock. By no means is the is this a rock monster, but a step in the right direction of gearing. Call it a baby rock crawler.
I've just played with the gears close to my house in the dry creek bed & have noticed a pretty sizeable difference. I don't seem to drag my break as much. Most notably not stomping on breaks at the top of a obstacle after mashing the throttle to get of it.
My tranny reference came from CDan post all the way back in 2003.

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