Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Good, The Bad, A 1" Body Lift Look Back.

After having the body lift for a while I can now give a honest opinion. The main objective of the body lift was to give more fender room so I could remove my bumpstops to allow more up travel of the tires.

I will go with Con's first since there are'nt that many.

Body lifts cost money.
You have to install them.
My shifter is shorter.

It gives more room for up travel of the suspension.
It allowed me to remove my bumpstop pucks up front.
It's a cheaper way to lift.
Lifting just the body keeps the COG down lower.
It helps with air flow across the engine.
It helps with added space from the hot exhaust on passenger side floorboard.
It pulls the engine wiring harness up & away from the hot EGR pipe.

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