Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Value of Balanced Flex

I'm beginning to understand the value of balanced flex. I put longer shocks on the back thinking this would make things better but it didn't it actually increased more body lean or roll. It was said maybe here, I've read so many threads... that limiting the back will force the front to flex or work sooner. Here is a pic showing more body roll after increasing more rear flex than front. Since 1st pic I removed my front bump pucks after the 1" body lift. End results was 3" more up travel & less body lean or roll. I am now a big believer in a body lift for the 80 series & not bump stopping front travel.
My next move to increase front down travel is to lower the aft rear of the control arm via MAF drop brackets. Think about it... it's just basic geometry. Look @Apounder... he is a perfect example of a bunch of flex by lowering the rear aft of the control arm.

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