Saturday, September 12, 2015

More front flex for the Lexi450

Need help, I can't help it, It's really bad, I'm completely submerged in this... I'm loosing sleep & constantly carry my phone around reading 80 series subjects & build threads on the mud forum. Is this what they call "The Addiction"?

Thanks to @baldilocks I have aquired a set of the MAF drop brackets that I have been writing talking about. They where very simple to put on with a we bit of filing they slid right in. The 1st thing I noticed is they measured out to a 2.5" drop rather than the assumed 2" by the name of them. Once on the road I noticed a big difference in road manners. It's a more relaxing feel & Lexi turns much better. The rear seems to follow the turn rather than want to lift up & come overy the top. A stiffer sway bar in the rear I think would help this also.
That was the bonus. Now for the main reason I got these was to hopefully increase down travel, well it did by two more inches. The shocks were only ext. to 26.5" now they are going 28.5"
They definitely don't hang down as bad as the 3" MAF brackets. I'm still using my yellow caster bushings.
Now I need some of those 50mm Slinky coils. They have a free height of 24" that's 4" tallerthan what I have. 851s are 19" with the 1" spacer, that's 20" of free height.

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