Thursday, October 8, 2015

I lowered my Lexi...

If I was going to start all over...
I would just get 1" spring spacers & 1" body lift. (Approx. $200) No shocks, nothing else, the stock shocks extend within .5" of the OME 2.5" lifted shocks. (If you absolutely need shocks, then you really can't beat the proven OME "L" shock. They are made for an 80 series. Yes they will fit with a stock 19" free height spring plus a 1" spacer, it's all about the free height of the spring.) Stop there untill you got educated here on mud & then pulled the trigger on a full lift later, if you decide to do so.. Go to Slee offroads website newbie section & the 80 series FAQJ springs are a approximately a 3.5" lift that will need possibly many other things... I have OME 851/860 w/25mm spacer which is same as a 850/860 2.5" of lift & yellow caster bushings. (I should of stayed with OEM control bushings & did the washer mod or plates.) When they say 2.5" is max they mean it. 1" with these 80s creates a big difference.

I threw my old tired stock springs & 1" spring spacers in the other day to prove a point that you don't need a full blown lift to do 35s or 315s. (This is something I learned after I had purchased my lift.) Yes it works with the longer 26.5" L shocks & stock OEM bumpstops.
After DDing & wheelin around awhile I found it to be great on road, but not so great offroad. The springs are not strong enough to absorb bigger bumps before hitting the bumpstops. I was also dragging the rear bumper & belly more often than my medium lift. The stock springs only give 2" of uptravel compared to the 4" my OME mediums offer.
So, soon I will be going back to my OME lift to get back to a better bump stop gap & firmer ride. This experiment was a good education for me to get a better feel of the rig.
Below is my rig with the 25mm spacers & 1" body lift. It actually needs a 30mm in the rear though.
Here is my Lexi with 1.5" more lift. 3.5" total lift again. The body & belly is up 1.5" more which does make a big difference. Also the shocks now have 4.5" of uptravel which gives a good 40/60 ration on a 11" travel shock.
GW Nugget's Family Haulin Lexi450 build....

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