Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New shocks for Lexi

I put these shocks on today & my 1st impression was it lifted up Lexi about .5" crazy... It feels like a sports car now, firm & stable. Some say that OME shocks are harsh & some even say jarring. I can see how that could be if comparing them to a stock shock, but I welcome these L shocks compaired to the sloshy unsafe shocks I had. These shocks are valved for the 80 & the OME springs. I havent seen a $100 price range shock that works this good so far. Some have been happy with the Fox 2.0 non reservoir at approx. $130 each.
Here are the specs & my actual measurements
Rear 60071L
Comp. 387mm/15.23"
Ext. 673mm/26.49"
My measurement was 15.25" to 26.5"
OME L shocks specs
Front 60070L
Comp. 381mm/15"
Ext. 667mm/26.26"
My measurement .25" more than spec 15.25" to 26.5" I didn't take pictures, sorry.
I did add some extra washers to make them long 26.9" just shy of 27"

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