Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oil pump O-ring & front main seal replacement

There has been a bunch of thread post on this leaking oil pump repairs going around lately. @1973Guppie is having probs with his crank bolt also. My guess is the changing to the colder weather this fall.
My oil pump just has been just a seap all summer, but now became an official leak once I saw my 1st drip in the driveway. :(
@jcardona1 sent me this awesome vid by @Texasknowhow & this is my next job on the list. 
I'm not looking forward to this... a lot of people have had many problems with getting the bolt & screws out, but mine came out with a bit of a fuss. I got them all out though.
Got the parts from CDan. Plus a blue modulator.
Well, one down 7 more to go...
Praise the Lord!
I got the other 7... can you tell I was worried?
We are home free, it's down hill from here...
Got it back on torqued screws to 8 in pounds, but had probs getting the main seal out.
Lexi450 is now back to drive way status from getting kicked to the curb. No more leaks.

I also relocated the washer bottle so can add the second battery.

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