Sunday, January 3, 2016

Intermittent Random Inconsistent Starting

I have been have starting issues for a awhile, it started out as delayed starting then random starting, but it would start eventually. No clicking or chatering, just silence, but a click when releasing the key. Then it became bothersome & had no consistency to be able to trouble shoot. I looked to the Forum for help found some good info. Here is the thread that helped me.

It pointed to three items to look at & some people mentioned it could be several worn items at same time which I believe is to be my current problem. The three items are battery having low cold cranking amps, worn starter contacts & posibly a worn ignition switch.  I did a quick & dirty sanding job on my old contacts to get me by for now & have over 30 successfull starts to date. A new starter rebuild kit with plunger is on the way & I will be testing my ignition system ASAP.
Here is the not so bad contacts & plunger.
Here is after very quickly sanding, they cleaned up pretty good.
It's back in & has started up every time since. I went to the nearest auto store & had them run a system check & all systems are good. I will definitely be checking for a worn ignition switch ASAP. Hope this helps.

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