Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flares back on, broken birfield CV joint & Hume Lake trip

Flares back on, broken birfield CV joint & Hume Lake trip

I was in the creek flexing out front end to trim the fender flares to clear the new 37" tires. Then while twisting it up I over stressed CV joint & it gave way.
Funny thing was three days later we had a family camping trip planned.
I was blessed enough to get some free used parts from a good friend Donald. As I got it apart I realized that a complete rebuild was very nessisary due to the bearing damage or burnt. I had to go to Fresno to pick up new rebuild kit consisting of bearings & seals. After two days I got it back together then left next day for Hume Lake in the Sequoia National Forest. We met up with my friend Don, his family & friends. It was a great time to be together breathing fresh mountain air.
Got the flares back on & trimmed then broke a birfield... gee I wonder how.
Here is the damage.

I found that a bearing was damage & the spindle bearings looked & smelt a bit burnt.
I had to drive to Fresno to pick up a rebuild kit from Marlin Crawler with the high quality Koyo bearings, seals, wipers & gaskets.
Cleaning took way longer than estimated, but worth the time. Packing the bearings & birf.
Now putting it back together
Got it back together & on all four tires by 10 pm the day we were to leave for Hume Lake. We decided to just go the next which was a God thing because we got into the Sequoia National Forest for free because a national hiking day.
Here is some random other pics.

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