Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Family Went Wheelin on Bald Mountain Trail

The Family Went Wheelin on Bald Mountain Trail

As hoped for, the family has been able to go camping a little more than last year. This trip was two days on Bald Mountain.

I am continuely amazed at how well the cruiser can take the abuse of towing a loaded 6x12 box trailer on 37s & 4:10 gears. I just put it in 2nd gear & it pulls all the way up the 6% grade hill to Shaver Lake then beat it on the trail all weekend then pack it up & drive it 2.5 hrs. all the way home just cruising the whole way. Then drive it to work the next day dirty on empty, fill her up with gas & a bath at the car wash the next day. Simply amazing! These 80s are the best family rigs ever...

Enjoy the vid... wish there was more. I need to remember to take more pics on trips.

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