Tuesday, July 26, 2016

80 series with 40" tires

Basic human nature... bigger is better. I have found some 80 series rigs with 40" tires. I just had to post.....



Action Jackson 
39.5" Swamper 16.5


I have seen a lot of 80 series rigs & this this super low geared red 80 on 40"s just screams out to me "Hardcore 80". 

@wrench here on mud has been a member since 2003 but never did a build thread that I know of. I guess it wasn't cool back in the day. So his build is spread out over hundreds & hundreds of pages on ih8mud. I have learned here & there while doing searches that his "Red Macine" is worthy of a build thread. 
I'm posting this up so others can see & enjoy this Red Machine.

This is what I know so far. If it's wrong let me know:

6" Slee lift
Stock bump stops
12" Doetsch Tech 8000 series shocks
5:29s & some Black Box like 250 to 1 thing???
39.5" IROKs black steel 17x9 4.5" BS wheels
Chrome moly axles
Front ARB & 4X4Labs bumpers

I invite you @wrench to tell you story or others to do the same if you know Chris or have wheeled with him please tell your story.

In a PM @cruiser land wrote:
"Sure, I know wrench. He rolled that truck ten years ago and I spliced on a roof doors etc from a donor, thing was squashed flat!"

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