Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Orange Metal Tech 80 on 37" Iroks

I would like to pay Tribute to one of the original pioneer's of the 80 series, this awesome 80 was built by Mark of Metal Tech 4x4 (, it's a 1993 fzj80 & I believe was one of the 1st 80s on 37" tires. Mark also pioneered front cut fenders.
I contacted Mark to get the specs of this rig & here is some of his reply:

That’s cool! Thank you for this. It is a great truck for sure. It also drove amazing on the road, yet ran the Rubicon with no issues. Perfect balance right at the limits of what a full bodied 80 can do in both areas of street and trail.

Specs are as follows:
5.5" of lift.
Old Man Emu 850J/863J plus MT 2" front coil spacer which lowers bump stops down 2".
Bump stops 2" in front & 3" in rear.
Prototype Metal-tech 4x4 Castor correction plates set at 4*
2.5" Radflo remote res. shocks all 4 corners (Protos for the 80 w/ this lift)
37" Iroks on MRC 17x9 3"BS Beadlocks. (w/4 golf balls inside each tire for balance)
ARB front bumper / Warn 9.5XP winch
Prototype Metal-tech 4x4 Sliders
Prototype Metal-tech 4x4 bolt on rear corner guards
Front and rear ARB Air Lockers w/5.29 gears (Removed E-lockers and swapped front axle to non-Elockers

If anyone has more pictures, info or has any great stories or tall tales to tell about wheeling with Mark & his orange machine please feel free to reply. 
I hope you all have enjoyed this post & I look forward to your replies.

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