Sunday, September 3, 2017

How I did my 80 series floor heater bypass fzj80 fj80 lc80 lx450

I found a leak below the Lx last week & knew immediately it was one of the floor heater hoses finally giving way. It also proves the heater valve is leaking bye. I've suspected to be since the passenger side floor has been unusually warm this summer. I've seen this bypass done by many on so it was a easy fix. Steve @baldilocks just did it on his "White Rino" & was well documented... thanks Steve.

I even did a silly vid so all can see just how easy it is to complete the job. Granted leaning over the engine bay is never easy & even a pain, I mean its a one banana job. Just one more thing, since I have body lift I did not loose but a little antifreeze.
Hope this helps. Enjoy

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