Monday, October 28, 2019

Canada Family Trip 2019

I've been traveling North from Central California up Abbotsford BC.

My family & I are doing the travel trailer thing. As you might of read the last few posts making upgrades for the trek.

The 488 axle gears along with the SUMO 10% high gear set have been well worth the money spent. Greatest thing about the 10% gears is they do not effect the speedometer. Dont ask my why... ill leave that to the smart people to tell me... something to do with where the speedo picks up.

We have made stops at:
Woodland, CA

Redding, CA
Grants Pass, OR

SE Portland, OR

Gresham, OR

Then will be headed up to:
Blaine, WA
Abbotsford BC
Then make a quick dash home hitting Crescent City, CA & Redding on the way dow to make it back in time for Turf-N-Surf 2019 at Pismo Oceano the 1st weekend of Nov.



  1. Hey man great build thread on the 80:) I have a 97 LX450 and in the throws of my own build. I have a 3" Slinky and 1.5" body lift and purchased the same drop brackets. Was going to install this weekend but saw your post and I'm know worried about the bannana effect that you posted about. I might reach back out to Eimkeith to see if he can do it 15mm forward vs. the full 30mm. Thoughts?

  2. The front Slinky coil is a thicker wire coil & would most likely not effect that coil.
    See Broski Never to late build thread on those coils are actually mine.
    Another thing to think of is a 2" drop will not correct the 3" lift.
    Im shortly will be moving to a #L Delta arm that will correct the 5.3* degrees needed to put back to 3* spec.
    So I would hold off for now to weld those on just yet.
    PM me on mud. I am GW Nugget there.
    Also think about going to a 1" body lift rather then a 1.5" there are a feww extr hurdles one must do past a 1" body lift.
    What size tire do you run.