Monday, November 4, 2019

Turf-n-Surf 2019

We were only home for a few days before our next adventure South several hours to Oceano Dunes.
The annual Turf-n-Surf event was under way with a bunch of 80 series rigs running around like ants.
They have a Poker Run, Jump Contest, a Christmas Tree Light Parade & Main Camp has a big fire where people like to hang out at.
Its a great time.
Some of the people I know where there was: @ToyotaDon @TheBlueMelon @sbman @malteserunner @brosky @mazder @pismojim @surfpig @Shoppy @sethzilla @orangefj45 & many more that I don't remember there avatar.
Here is some pics & vids... enjoy!
Can every one see the Instagram vids I attach to my thread?







I didnt take that many pics of other 80s this year... i need to better next year.

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