Thursday, December 24, 2020

If I won the LOTTO

Every one has dreamt at one time or another about winning the Lottery, haven't you? 

I have lost many hours of sleep dreaming of striking it rich & thinking "If money was no option I would..." Well I would of course do what most would by paying off the mortgage or buying a newer home that's a no brainer right? Well after most needs have been met & all my teeth repaired what is next? For me, this is where it gets fun. Fun, yes fun, this is were the begins.

My dream has been to get in a RV & travel to all the places I learned about growing up in the USA. Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty etc... & of course hit the Land Cruiser Museum in Utah along with the bigger Land Cruiser shops across America. Intersecting with Ih8mud members & larger 4x events. I would also have a few dream rig projects built. At this time I have to many thoughts on what to build 1st. but some dream builds on the list is a Fj55 crawler, Fj45 extracab Overlander & finish my Lx450.

It might look something like this: