Sunday, February 7, 2021

Install of the Delta VS Icon 2.0 Icon air bump & Delta brackets

 I havent posted in awhile, well cuz absolutely nothing has happened since the Dusy Ershim trip last year.

With 4" of uptravel I hit the front bumps more often, to remedy this issue I made a impulse purchase... I got the Icon air bumps & brackets from @Delta VS .
They add a .25" of lift by the way.

I added a .5" shim to bump them down to match the 1" bump stops that I had.
Since I have moved the axle forward 1" via the eimkieth weld on drop brackets I've been fighting right side coil to frame rub.
Moving the axle forward made the coil banana a little bit. The Dobinsons banana more than the TourFlex coils.
To fix this I need to get an adjustable front panhard bar to re-center the axle, but untill then I removed some of the conflicting metal from the frame..
More caster will give less banana also.
This rubbing can be mitigated rather easily, I will show with pictures.

Can you say :banana: ?

Below is a before pic of the rub area on the frame.
See the paint marks?

After grinding...

Here is the TourFlex coil, these sit better.
I still need to get a front panhard bar.
Im looking for a good used one.
As for a new one, does anyone sell them with rubber bushing rather then poly?

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