Sunday, July 3, 2022

GadgetMan Groove

Okay, hello, Gary GW Nugget.

I told you about a groove in the throttle body that increases fuel vaporization which means more complete burning of the fuel. 
In most cars 60% of the fuel goes out the pipe for the catalytic converter to finish burring up the rest.
Hmm... why is that I ask.

I bought a throttle body... gunna get the groove on it & report back.

If you curious enough to watch a couple vids here you go.

60% of the fuel goes out the tailpipe. Your car was designed to do that. 
New Technology Draws Power From Exhaust
Happy customers say get groovy.
Get better mileage with The Gadgetman Groove

78% Better Mileage on a 92 Cherokee Laredo? YES WE CAN!

Intake Mod Gadgetman Groove Ron Hatton

Monteray Granny, said she feels like Mario Andrade's Mom.

Dropping Temps on a 2001 Expedition with NO PARTS
Interview with Ron Hatton.

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