Thursday, August 4, 2022

Low Lift, Big Tires on a fzj 80 series is equals 2 to 3" of up-travel. (38"s, 39"s, 40"s)

A few years back I played a game to see just how low I could go with 37s on a 80 series. I learned a lot & will share it with you today. 37s will fit with 1" suspension & 1" body lift with 1" front/1.5" rear lowered bump stops. 
(If you have a 2" suspension lift then run 2"front/2.5" rear bump stops). 

When I fitted 38s on a 2" suspension/1"body lift, I used 1" front/2.5" rear bump stops after moving the axle forward 1". 

Just to note: the starting point...stock front up travel including compression is 3" the rear is 4.5".
Front bump stop gap is 50mm/2" for fzj80 series.
Rear bumps are hard... maybe .5" of crush if hit hard enough. 
Fronts crush 1.5 if jumping.
So under normal conditions if you add the 2" of up-travel plus 1" of crush the normal 80 series has 3" of up-travel in the front.

Now you know the spec, here are some 80s I found on the WWW.

This guy tubbed the inner fenders stock lift & 40"s
His up-travel is 3" front, 4.5" rear.

Builds - Project Clifford 40" Tires 0" lift | IH8MUD Forum

This rig is called HalfAss, this rig lost a bunch of wieght in the rear so they had to add 2" coils sacers in the front.
4" lift
@joez  3.5" lift
@Expo max has 4" total lift in the pic.
This rig lost a lot of weight so his up travel is more than stock.
No lift 36" bias IROKs
37" Pitbull's on stock coils, later installed a 2" TJM lift.
38x11.5r16 on 2" lift (30mm spacers & 1" body lift).
Cooper STT Pro 37x12.5r16s
38x13.5r17 on a loaded 2.5" lift (1.5"lift +1" Body lift).

39x12.5r17 on 4' Slee LIFT
Broski has a 4" lift with gutted fenders on 39x12.5r17 Mud Hog

Heavy 4bt on 3" lift with 42s (3.5" 144VT/TJM 2" progressive)

NorthWesTaco 850J/863 3.5" lift on 40s
trimmed his rear fenders.

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