Monday, July 21, 2014

FJ, BJ, HJ What is the difference?

It turns out after reading blogs, fourms & my own research it's actully simple to tell the difference between HJ, BJ & FJ.

Here we go:
The first letter designates the engine type.
F designates an inline 6 cylinder gasser motor (F or 2F)
B designates a diesel 4 cylinder (2B or 3B)
H designates a diesel 6 cylinder (H or 2H)

The "J4" represents the body style.

The last digit generally designate body size & vintage.
(HJ47 started in 1980 with a 2H motor)
HJ45 will have a 6 cyl. H diesel motor with a long wheelbase 116".
HJ47 will have a 6 cyl. 2H diesel motor with a long wheelbase 116".
FJ40 will have a F, 2F of 3F (depending years) gas engine with a short wheelbase 90".
BJ43 will have a 4 cyl. B series diesel motor with a mid wheelbase of 96".

There is 4 wheelbase options:
2285 mm = 90"
2430 mm = 95.5"
2650 mm = 104"
2950 mm = 115.9"

FJ BJ/ 40, 41, 42  (90") WB
FJ BJ/ 43, 44, 46 (not 45)(95.5") WB
FJ45 SWB 104"
FJ45LV 104" WB
FJ BJ HJ 45/47 Truck LWB 116"
FJ HJ 45/47 Troopy 116"

Brazilian Bandeirante Crew Cab all diesel motors. 133" WB

In Brazil Toyota had a factory for many years.
They called them Bandeirante.
More info to come...

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