Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Many options to choose from

There are several options to choose from  when it comes to a complete ground up custom, some are more exspensive & some are more labor intensive.

Is to go to ICON and purchase a FJ44 straight up of course for $150,000. I don't even have that much in my Monopoly game, so that's the end of that option.
Option #2.
Redline cruisers in Colorado is currently putting together a UTE. What they are doing is putting on a aluminum body on an FZJ 80 chassis which is a hundred twelve inches 112" It looks pretty good but the back has a large overhang. This rig runs for approx. 50K. This is still out of my price range.
Option #3.
Third option taking a HJ47 troopy which has an 116" wheelbase & this seems to be a more viable option to add two more doors. HJ47's mostly come from Australia with diesel motors in them & the sell for any other FJ depending on it's condition.
Option #4
The forth option is to take a FJ45 long wheelbase truck that is also 116" & put on a 4-door tub. Then make a trailer out of the rear bed. 45's are easier to find in the US.
Option #5
The fifth option is just to go with the FJ45LV. I am starting to dig this rig. For me this will eliminate a the idea of adding two doors to a HJ47. This seems to be a very good option if a man can find one in good condition. The wagon has an 104" wheebase rather than a 116" wheelbase of the HJ47.

Later edit:
In one of my previous post "MANY OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM" all 5 have been exhausted. They all are out of budget for me. So here are a couple more options to choose from.
Option #6
Lwb frame 45 donor.
Option #7
Aussie ute with diesel motor. 40 tub in rear.

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