Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dream to Research to Reality...

OK, are you ready?
I'm going from the dream stage to the resourse & materials stage part of this project.

After a lot of thought & sleepless nights I will have to make a sacrifice of my 2012 Ford  F150 crew cab to fund the project.
It is a Ford f150 crewcab 4x4 with the AWESOME Ecoboost motor in it. Sell price is high KBB 30K. If anybody is interested please connect with me via posting below.

The next phase is to purchase a FZJ80 or a 87 through 90 Chevy or GMC Suburban.
I'm looking for a 93-97 FZJ80 or Lexus 450 (112" wheelbase) they hold good value & are a good base donor drivetrian for the future projectFJ4door.
The other option is to purchase a Suburban. The reason is in my area these are very cheap. Nobody wants a big boat anymore (gas prices are up). I can pick these up anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 dollars for a very clean & in good condition.
 The sub will be my daily driver & later will possibly be the donor vehicle for my project.
The years of this vehicle that I'm looking for is 1987 to 1990, these models came with the throttle body injection TBI & and in 1990 they came out with an ABS automatic braking system in  the rear. 
This vehicle will have the Chevy 350 TBI, 700 R4 tranny, NP208 transfer case, dana 44 front or Dana 60 depending on if its three quarter ton or 1 ton & a 14 bot rear end.
I would be making repairs to the drive train as we go if something breaks.

After all that, I will be able to start shopping for a Troopy or 45LV. 
I'm liking this light green color.

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