Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hitch pin pulled & sway bar disconnected...

I did the hitch pin mod on the LX450 this morning to see if what they say really works & this is what I found out:
I disconnected the sway bar & it did help with more up travel than it did down. I had smaller tires on at the time & it only maybe dropped a half a inch, not worth the effort. 
But today I pulled the bolt out of the front drive control arm ("hitch pin mod"). 
This also was just acting like the sway bar with same results. 
But here is the good part.
With both disconnected created a tremendious results. 
The coil released out & dropped by 3" the shock went to full drop of 29".
This is a 3" improvemnt of drop. 
This created a whole bunch of other rubbing issues with the tie rod hitting the control arms. 
 Heres a video, click it & enjoy the ride.
As for now...I'm putting it all back, pulling the pin created more other rubbing problems than I'm ready to deal with... I will work on this later down the road... It's good to know there are more options for a more extreme results.
I did the other side. Here is the results.

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