Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Passenger side pulled hitch pin mod

Today I pulled the front passenger arm bolt with sway bar connected. It did not have the extreme drop that was like the drivers side which was the result I was after, the less drop was most likely due to the front panhard bar & sway bar connected.  The front end did feel more free. The negitive was it was into the passenger side tie rod. The drop out measurements was 27". 
That is only a .5" more drop from it all connected this is measured at the shocks.
Once the coils start releasing there is nothing left to push the axle down. I also belive as far as the tie rod, the caster bushings & arms might have different results with bind if you play with maybe lowering the aft part of the arms via something like the Man-a-fre caster brackets. Just a thought.
I'm pretty much done playing with swaybar & pin mods for now. Another thought is to raise the fenders via body lift to allow the more up travel that the disconnected mods have to offer.
Again, all these results are from a 2.5" OME 851+25mm/860 lift w/ 315s tires.
Hope this helps

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