Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More R&D of the LX450 suspension.

I have been doing alot of testing of the capabilities of my front suspension & here is what I have found so far. With no shocks, the measurements came out to 14" to 26". Crazy, that's it. 14" to 26". This is with swaybar installed.
My current set up is the Old Man Emu  medium duty 851 coil in front with a 1" spacer & in the rear is the OME 860 medium. This gives the Cruiser 2.5" inches of lift. I was running stock shocks with a 2.5"x1.5" square block to make the shock taller. Now that you now the basics we can get down to the tech stuff.

The stock shocks are 14" to 24". With the 2.5" extention it was 16.5" to 26.5".
With the 35" tires it worked very well, the front were stuffed but no major rubbing. It needed 1" less up travel to be save for a big hit.

I just resently purchased a set of 812SS shocks from Doetsch Tech. They have 12" of travel. 17" to 29".
This gives me 3" of available down travel. Next is to get the swaybar disconnected & see just how much drop that gives.
The next day I did disconnected the sway bar & it did help with more up travel than it did down. I had smaller tires on at the time & it only maybe dropped a half a inch, not worth the effort. 

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