Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Blown Head Gasket...

I haven't posted this, but I have been chasing some P0401 EGR problems & some other hidden issues that finally surfaced resulting in a diagnosis of a blown head gasket in cylinder #6. This is a textbook failure for these 80 series vehicles around the 175,000 mile mark. I did get it hot climbing a big hill in Hollister & I belive it has slowly been failing since. Last week it over heated on the 7 minute trip home from work & thought it was the fan clutch that went out. I got a new one in & realize the LX was 1 gallon plus down on radiator fluid. At this time I couldn't understand where it all went... I'm not a great diagnostic trouble shooter, so at this point I didn’t realize it was going out the tailpipe yet through the blown head gasket. It was only yesterday when I went to my friends house that he was able to figure it out & explain to me the series of events that lead to this point.

I'm pretty bummed.

I will be replacing the HG myself & will be posting the progress... Stay tuned.

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