Monday, May 25, 2015

Pulling off the head of the LX450.

Pulling off the head of the LX has been a grueling adventure so far. I want to stay positive here, but it has not been fun at all. All I can say is God willing this thing will be good for another 100K after the while I'm here stuff is replaced. ie new water pump, belts, hoses etc.
Here is some pics of what I got so far. I will be giving a better detail as it goes back together. Stay tuned...

Here is a sequence of the tear down...

 Oops there it is a text book #6 water jacket failer.

I have found a dry cracked vacuum hose that might be part of my P0401 restricted EGR problem.
I made the crazy decision to start a wiring harness reroute to be able to remove the lower intake off & get the wire away from the hot EGR pipe.

I don't have a pic of a before but here is one from another rig so you can see why I moved the wiring.
That's all for now...

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