Monday, May 11, 2015

Just having fun with a dream, I call it ~FJ40X~

Let me tell you about the Toyota J4 body, it is the most versatile body for moding because of its straight body lines,  it can become just about anything you want it to be with little body work. Toyota themself's made many versions from the short trucks to long troop carriers & many inbetween. The J45 came in a truck & wagon style called a troop carrier, most call them a troopy. All these versions are almost practically bolt up to to make changes from a single cab truck to a troop caring wagon. It's all about what happens behind the "A" pillar or the door post, samething. These are all in a two door of corse. (Toyota did make a four door called a Toyopet Fj45LV). These rigs are preaching the 50 year mark & are hard to find let alone purchase at a very high cost & then cut them up. It's better to get a US spec Fj40 & mod that.

I have been wanting a J4 body style Cruiser for some time now. The idea of having a 4 door version is pretty daunting at best with all the sheet metal work. I have seen several rigs that are very close to what I want. It's all about the top, just changing the top makes a huge difference in apearence. This version can have doors add later. So, here they are basically they are streachted 40s and or cut & bobbed troopy. How ever you want to call it, but I call it ~FJ40X~. X for extra. Hard top or soft top versions are below. Also below is some qiick scribling from my phone & a old school drawing. Enjoy, because I'm just having fun with a dream.

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