Monday, January 18, 2016

Family Snow Trip 1-16-16

As things came into alignment, pay day, day off & good weather the family made quick plans to make a snow trip. It turns out the 4x4Him group was also doing a snow run to lower Bald Mountain area. So we met up with them & made a day out of it.
We where able to get to the grean gate entrance (I'm guesing 5 miles) which was way more further than reports from other groups weeks back. By then it was 1pm, time to turn around & head back out. That took several hours as some groups behind us wanted to push forward as we were wanting to go back out creating a traffic jam. As we had to blaze another lane of travel back out. I didn’t count, but guessing about 40 rigs with 8 groups of people wanting to do different things. Crazy at best.
I was promising the kids all that day we would go sledding & tubing. As the sun was getting closer to the horizon I was getting a bit worried about it.  (OK, I was getting frustrated with the traffic jam.)
We arrive safley back to Dinky Creek Road with just enough day light left to air up & allow the kids some sled & tubing runs.
The Lord is Good to us. We all had a great time, the kids got to get out & exspend their pined up energy. I can only imagine being a kid sitting a rig most of the day basically parked hoping to go sledding the whole time. That being said they did great!
Below is some pics & even video of the day.

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