Saturday, February 13, 2016

Update: Batt box & Air Compressor

178,000 on the 2.10.16

Batt box:
I aquire a Fj60 battery box from my good friend Toyota Don, it fit perfectly after a bit of a trim just behind the fan shroud.
Thanks Don.

Air comp:
At the time I was researching for the best on board air compressor, there was three that stood out to be the best in my mind. The Puma, ARB twin & the wild card Air Zenith unit. All three where very impressive with destinctive advantages... The Puma is the most economical as a complete unit with 2cfm @40psi w/1.5gal. tank, it just needs wireing, but I just could not get past the fact it would be taking up very needed cargo area. The compact Air Zenith unit is 4.25cfm @30psi & 3.22cfm @40psi. Very impressive numbers for a compact single piston unit. The ARB twin was the most impressive with the highest rating of 4.68cfm @30psi. This was also the most expensive unit.  Also I had seen a few threads on mud that several had mounted it behind the rear corner panel out of harms way & did not take any cargo space away.
Just at this time @socalife posted up 8 of the ARB twin units for a very fair price. So good that he sold all 8 within approx. 6 hours of posting. Well I was one of the 8 that got sucked into the feeding frenzy.

At this time I'm in the process of how exactly I'm going to mount it & wire it up. For now I have it set up as a make shift portable unit with a set of cheap jumper cables. It isn't pretty, but will work for now until I can properly get it mounted.

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