Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Cruiser got new shoes...

The Cruiser got new shoes today.
A set of 37" Cooper ST Maxx tires. The 315s finally where sold.
Got 37s?
I just did!
Finally, three sets of tires later in 1.5 years...
I really didn't think they would fit without major modification, so I went 315s.
Since I did a lot of reading on and found that it was very possible. A shout goes out to all the people who did it before me & documented it here on IH8MUD. I went with the Arizona Boys method of fitment. Special thanks goes out to @Tools R Us & @richardlillard1 .
I choose to go with a 4.9"/125mm back space 4Runner wheel & 1" spacers. They do come very close to everything with some very slight rubbing. With some small tweaks I should be able to flex it out worry free.
I have 2.5" suspension lift with a 1" body lift.
Basically a 3.5" lift. Cooper ST MAXX tires spec out to be a tad taller than the STT Pro.
More info coming... let's go wheelin.

The lugs are more spread on the 37s compaired the the 315s.
The 3.9" back spacing worked out really well. I was shooting for a 3.75" BS...

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