Saturday, April 2, 2016

Test Flex Fitting new 37" ST Maxx tires on 4runner wheels with the Lx450 Cruiser

I had a little bit of time to streach her legs out yesterday in the creek bed. I went to my favorite spots as usual.
All I have to say is if it doesn't rub then it's about .25" away from doing so, EVERYWHERE! These pics are with the sway bar on, it does flex much better with it off. Way better. At this point I dare not disco the sway until I cut the front fenders or better said, gut the insides of my front fenders. Yes, I will retain the front flares & clading. Only one other rig I've seen has done this.
Here are some poser shots.

Can you say one stuffed 37?
The side wall tread is completely in there.
My right rear (RR) only rubs the top of the fender.
The left rear (LR) is a different story... it rubs in three spots.
The fronts will need bump stops pucks or some inner fender gutting... I'm definitely going to eventually  cut & here is how.

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