Friday, June 19, 2015

It's going back together

6.10.15 Cams are in torqued & verified TDC
6.12.15 Lower intake, fuel filter & injector rack is in.
6.13.15 Upper intake on.
6.14.15 Oil cooler, water pump, belts, clutch fan, fan shroud, thermostat & hose neck.
6.15.15 Valve cover & all gaskets are on, stabed in the distributer in, (now I'm asking myself maybe is that 180° out?)
6.16.15 Rethread altinator bolt & tighted up belts.
6.17.15 The spark plugs, wires, cap rotor, lower rad hoses & heater hoses, & EGR on.
6.18.15 I worked 12 hr. shift & went swimming with my kids.
6.19.15 These are the big items left to do today:
Exhaust manifolds, throttle body, heater return line, modulator, pcv hose & many small miscellaneous items, install battery, washer fluid botlle & fill radiator, change out oil, double & triple check FSM list, prime & start.

These are my extra parts that I don't know what they are? The ones on left are for heat like the exhaust gaskets.

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