Friday, June 19, 2015

Oh what a Feeling, it's a Toyota!

Well, the LX is running as I type. It started right up. Oh what a feeling... I'm pretty pumped!!

It holding temp & oil preasure... it's all good. I just need to get the hood on & that's it. Freaking AWESOME!!!

I just got back from a 40 mile road trip (no codes) with my girls... Moon roof open & all the widows down singing, laughing daddy's got his Cruiser back... oh what a feeling.

Man it's good to have this season of life behind me. I didn't enjoy it one bit, but the positive side is I feel real solid with it now. This thing is ready for another 100K. 

My phone is having problems with pictures so Iwill post some up later. 

Thanks all for the replies of congrats...

Hopefully very soon you will see some real camping & wheelin pictures...

Having fun with the LX & I'm out...

GW Nugget

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